full name ciro raymone castillo date of birth 8 febuary; 28 location san francisco, ca family 5 siblings, 2 parents
occupation community coordinator star sign aquarius (but really pisces) pets tribble relationship status polyamorous;   
pb: zayn malik

likes and dislikes likes romance, meeting new people, the universe, stargazing, his pets, exploring the city, memes, self flagellation, trying new things, science fiction everything, physical intimacy, self discovery, ethnic food, staying up too late, daydreaming, watching tv, going to plays/concerts, picnics

dislikes being alone, arrogance, news and politics, intolerance, reality tv, drama, fake people, jokes at the expense of others, donald trump, feeling restless, emotional impotence

random facts list of tidbits ETHNCITY: mexican, hispanic. HEIGHT: 5'9". BODY TYPE: fit, slim. LANGUAGES: english, spanish, & some asl. TATTOOS: too many to count, sleeves and hands are his favorites.

ciro castillo was born in new york state, near the big apple, raised by his mother and father, among 5 other siblings. their family was huge compared to most in their neighborhood, but ciro enjoyed having as many siblings as he did. there was always someone to talk to, someone to spend time with, and growing up sharing a room with 2 other brothers meant he was never alone. their home was a modest 3 bedroom, and his parents worked locally and ran an extension of the family business, from mexico, in the united states, providing mexican pastries to homes and stores all over new york.

because their home was always busy, the bakery always packed, ciro would find himself at times craving space and fresh air. before he was old enough to go out on his own his older brother would take him out for walks, hikes, outside the city, or to interesting places around the city, gracing locations such as bear mountain state park, butler memorial sanctuary, and central park. they even visited the american museum of natural history, and hayden planetarium. visiting the planetarium is what first instilled a love of nature and the stars in ciro from a young age, and what carried through to his teenage years. through his young life he made efforts to start volunteering wherever he could, eager to meet new people and see interesting things.

when the time came to go to college, ciro was one of the brightest students of his class, and eager to prove himself to parents who had grown up without traditional education. scholarships, and help from his grandparents, allowed him to attend cornell university, their astronomy program one of the biggest draws for him. he knew what he wanted to pursue right away, and he threw himself into the work, staying focused, building himself up as an individual and living among new faces close to campus. when he graduated with a masters in astronomy he knew he wanted to work at hayden planetarium more than any other place in the country and came back to new york, interviewing and first getting a position as a visitor services rep, before eventually working his way up to being the stem teen community coordinator. with this career came it's own set of challenges, and ciro eventually moved on, ending up in miami to work at the phillip and patricia frost museum of science.

while all of this was happening, his personal life had its own set of twists and turns. discovering his sexuality at a young age, that he was interested in both men and women, introduced some difficulties with his family at first. his parents were very traditional, and though they were supportive of ciro as a person, it took time before they warmed up to his choice of company. and then another twist changed his life, his world opened up early in college after reading strangers in a strange land by robert heinlein. it was a formative book, first introducing ciro to the idea of polyamory at a time when he was struggling within his relationships. it exposed the dynamic of interpersonal love being much broader than just between a man and woman, and after attending therapy to further figure out his feelings, he was introduced to local polyamory communities.

now, years later, living in san francisco, ciro is comfortable with himself and his sexuality. his family, including his siblings, are supportive to the best of their abilities, even when they don't always understand. though he knows that those outside of his close friends and family may not be as accepting, he chooses to remain positive in all aspects of his life. focusing on personal growth, on moving forward, and making it through the challenges that come to face him in a world that constantly pushes against his lifestyle choices.